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Capacity Building

February 20, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


(Part of the approved Staff Cost – Staff Capacity Building)

Thrust Area:

  •  Sustainable Development of MTB-MLE PROJECT at KISS

Training Organizer: KISS & MTB-MLE within the framework of BvLF Programme.

District of Visit: Rayagada, Koraput & Malkangiri (Focus more on Rayagada district: out of 11, 10 blocks are covered)
Duration of Visit: 31st May to 8th June, 2017 (9 days)

Context & Overall Goal:
The basis of this “Visit cum Exposure” study tour is the provision in the approved Operational Plan – INA-2016-049 on Staff Capacity Building (Ref. Section – 1-Staff Cost).

The visit cum exposure is targeted to facilitate in MTB -MLE related capacity building of Primary Teachers in the area of Tribal Centered districts.2095 student’s are from Rayagada District itself, and out of which around 1100 students are coming under class- I to V (targeted classes of the Project).

As per the Right to Education Act: Medium of instructions shall, as far as practicable, be in child’s mother tongue (29.2.f).The MLE programme was designed to cover the primary educationof children from class I to V. The langua ge transition plan was developed to initiate learning in the mother tongue in first 90 days of class I and gradually the second language – Odia is introduced, oral and written; while English begins in class III. However, except Santhali, no other tribal la nguage has its own script. Hence, the learning material is in the tribal language but in Odia script and it was developed, based on the National Curriculum Framework and NCERT syllabus.

This study tour helped the Primary teachers to understand the concept properly through interaction with their parents in their own land, to understand their daily lifestyle, cultural observance through the exposer of real tribal world. In the year 2013 BvLF & KISS has started this MTB-MLE project.

In this context, the overall goal of the visit cum exposure is:

  • To facilitate application of the learning into understanding of Indigenous People’s Daily lifestyle
  • To Interact with the parents/Parents meet
  •  Success story of Pass-out Students of KISS
  •  Cultural Observance
  • Study on value system and good practices.
  • Exposer to the real tribal world for the teachers.

Course objectives:

  • Exposure to an advanced system of MTB -MLE concept for On-site, Off-site and community/parental based emergency response, ethics & preservation of trib al languages.
  • Learn approaches for the design of how to handel classrooms with focus on joy full learning, infrastructure and operational procedures for making learning more easy
    and first response.
  • Experience and evaluation of capacity building processes for creating guideline measures in MTB -MLE learning issues, organisations of first responders.
  • Discuss the regulative approaches and their implementation processes.
  • Discuss the steps towards an institutional cooperation between stakeholders.

Elaborate the lessons learned with respect to their relevance for the different tribal context and create practical visions and innovative ideas for future implementation in Guidelines.

Target groups/Participants:

Within the context and overall goal, th e Target Groups include:
1. Primary Teachers of KISS for capacity development in the area of Tribal centered districts of Odisha.
2. A group of representatives from village, block and community level of districts which play a key role in capacity building, the i mplementation and design of guidelines and standards for MTB-MLE project and its work.
3. This group will be resource persons for this project and will snowball the process and make the Project self sustain.
4. A group from Class-I & II been selected for this work who are trained under this project from last 3 years. (Names are in Annexure-I) Specifically, the visit -cum-exposure was 26 participants (from KISS) as below:

Project Staffs,including Project Manager,Consultant,Admin Assistant& Attendant MTB-MLE Project (4 participant)
Stakeholders 21 nos of Primary school teachers of KISS
Photographer Hired (1 participant)
District Level Coordinators & Stakeholders More than 300 participants per day

Places Visited:

Sl.No Date/Dist Sub-division/Block Village No.Of participants
1 01/05/2017
Gudari Samarlendi 120 nos
Padmapur Papikhal 200 nos
Ramanguda Biripanga 200 nos
2 02/06/2017
Gunupur Kujendri
250 nos
Ramanguda Talna
180 nos
Chandrapur Chandrapur 90 nos
3 03/06/2017
Bisamkattak Kurli 210 nos
4 04/06/2017
200 nos
5 05/06/2017
K. Malinga &
400 nos
6 06/06/2017
& Khemaguru
60 nos
7 07/06/2017
80 nos

Expected results

    •  Study tour will be helpful in the development of the MTB MLE, KISS as a resource centered of the State regarding MLE.
    • Participants elaborate the lessons learned with respect to their relevance for the tribal context after learning real field experience and create practical visions and innovative ideas
      for future implementation.
    • Participants know best practices and are motivated to optimize planning in MTB -MLE and for the establishment of Guidelines for the MLE programme.
    • Participants are motivated and hav e the background knowledge to improve existing – and develop new – concepts, guidelines and regulations in implementer measures for

o Rural/remote areas.

o Process oriented community based measurements to make this programme more effective.

o Integrating Field (un-controlled) & School (controlled) based experience for better implementation.

  • Participants are aware of the mechanisms and importance of community focused information and the inclusion of tribal society while dealing with their language and culture.
  • Participants coming from different areas and cultural setups, establish contacts and understanding for future cooperation/information exchange are made.

Photo Gallery


February 20, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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